Unix / Linux

Unix has been developed by AT&T, which is portable, multi-tasking, multi-user in a time-sharing configuration. Unix operating systems are used by servers and workstations. Unix systems are characterized as follows - plain-text for storing data, hierarchial file system, inter-process communication, and the use of a large number of software tools.

Unix system has significant impact on other operating systems.

Unix commands, Unix tutorials, Unix System Administration documents

Unix vi editor commands - Cheat Sheet

Useful Unix vi editor commands

Interview question and answers on UNIX

Interview question and answers on UNIX. Good resource to test your skills and knowledge on UNIX. If you have any queries leave a comment.

Top 100 Linux interview questions

Top 100 Linux interview questions

Unix System Admin Guide

Unix system admin guide

Linux Admin Guide

Linux system administration and configuration guide. 

Introduction to Unix

Very good resource for unix developers & admins. This book contains step by step tutorial of unix commands. This also has definitions of unix terms, unix/linux concepts.