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SAP BW Important Transaction Codes

Below are list important Transaction Codes in SAP BW by area. Datasources LO Cockpit Extractor related COPA Datasource Content Extractors Generic Datasource Bex Analyzer Tcodes BWA / BI Transaction Codes Transport Management Tcodes Delete Bex Quer...

SAP Transaction Codes Search

Check out Instant SAP Transaction Code Search at . You can search tcodes by tcode name, tcode description and tcode relevance. It is intelligent enough to show most important and commonly used transports first. It is very useful.

Business Objects 4.0 - Overview

SAP Is going to release a new version of Business Objects Enterprise, the new version is BI 4.0. There is a lot of hype on this. There are some new products and many new features in existing products also. Below is the summary of important links, ...

Pioneer - SAP BO New OLAP reporting tool

Pioneer is the code name for new OLAP reporting tool from SAP Business Objects (BO). It supposed to bring in best of both the worlds bex and voyager. SAP BW's bex tools are very powerful reporting tools for deep OLAP analysis. However they are ini...

Gate 2010

Information of Gate exam - 2010. Source of the information is from

SAP BI Bex Reporting User Guide

This is complete reference document from SAP for Bex power users and administrators. It provides step-by-step instructions for Bex queries.

Infosys Placement Paper Puzzles

469 puzzles from Infosys placment papers all in one nicely formatted PDF document.

Technical interview tips for Freshers

Preparing for technical interview.

HR Inteview Questions

Top HR interview questions.

Oracle Certification Paper

Oracle certification Paper