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i am pursuing MCA ,and its my 4th sem so i just wanted to join you all ,to enhance my knowledge,skills and IT awareness. i want to be fully updated with all new technologies and wanna be in regular practice of solving good placement papers ,and getting the guidance of people who are senior ,to guide me towards the right matter ,so that i can be fully prepared for my coming placement time in May. hope you guys will surely cooperate .

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Interview Tips - How to dress for an interview?

We need to keep certain things while preparing for an interview,remember it matters a lot ,how u look ,how u speak,and how u behave,so have a look on few tips!

English Vocabulary Practice

I think its good to speak ,and at the same time practice and play with new english sentences and words. Hope you will like this pdf .

Body language

I think whenever a person is observed ,he/she can leave a mark on anyone ,if his/her body language speaks in +ve manner ,with great confidence ,with immense faith in himself. so it really works ,so read this article ,i hope it will help u guys.