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Software Testing and Quality Assurance. My Responsibilities : Prepare the Software Test Plan. - Check / Review the Test Cases document – System, Integration and User Acceptance prepared by test engineers. - Analyze requirements during the requirements analysis phase of projects. - Keep track of the new requirements from the Project. - Forecast / Estimate the Project future requirements. - Arrange the Hardware and software requirement for the Test Setup. - Develop and implement test plans.

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Load testing and Stress Testing

Load testing is a much used industry term for the effort of performance testing. Here load means the number of users or the traffic for the system. Load testing is defined as the testing to determine whether the system is capable of handling anticipated number of users or not.

Regression Testing

* All aspects of system remain functional after testing. * Change in one segment does not change the functionality of other segment.

Testing International Software

I have several friends who are STEs (Software Test Engineers) who will take exception to the placement of this chapter at the end, wondering why I am choosing to send testers to the "back of the bus," as it were. There are two very good reasons for this:

Software Testing Certificates

Software Testing Certificates-Types

WinRunner® Automation Framework Support

WRAFS is an acronym for WinRunner® Automation Framework Support. This framework is built on top of WinRunner. Physically it is a collection of generic scripts, which can be used to test any application. This is a keyword-driven testing or table-driven testing automation framework. Refer the following link for the basic understanding of the Table Driven Automation Framework.