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SAP BW Interview Questions - Part A

1. What are the extractor types?
• Application Specific
o BW Content FI, HR, CO, SAP CRM, LO Cockpit
o Customer-Generated Extractors
• Cross Application (Generic Extractors)
o DB View, InfoSet, Function Module

2. What are the steps involved in LO Extraction?

Infosys - July 30, 2006 - Hyderabad

The following r the questions that i had got in my test
(not exactly framed but the ques meant the same, to my best knowledge)
1)There r 3 items,(i forgot theirexact names)x,y,z. x per piece costs 4cents, 2 pieces of y costs 1 penny, 4 pieces of z costs a cent. find the cost of each.
2)There is a 5 digit number, the sum of the 1st n 2nd is 1 less than 3rd, 3rd is double the 4th n 4th is double the 5th.The product of 4th n 5th is the 3rd. Find the number(ANS:16842)

HCL May 25 2006.

Company: HCL Tech., Chennai.

Place: Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai

Date: 29-05-2006

type :fresher(campus)

TCS Paper June 1 2006

Paper consisted of three sections.They are as …




So the total exam is for 50mins and not 60 mins as it had been told
by most of the passouts who got through..For online test there is a
specific time cut-out based on the qubex software they have used but
for the written there is no time scheduling you can start anywhere
you like..

Satyam May 2006 Paper



Totally 15 aptitude questions.  30 minutes given.


1. time and distance   ( 2 bullets fired  in 38 minutes gap.  It was traveling in 330 m/s.


    A man traveling in a car heard the sound in 36 minutes delay.  What is the speed of the car?

2.   letter encoding  (ex:   XYZ  ->  ABC    then  PQR  ->  ?  ,  like this(but easy))


3.  Given some number as input  and they given 5 set of output strings. For a  new set of input strings we have to find  the output.


IBM Paper May 26, 2006

IBM came here at MKU, Madurai on 26th May’06.
Selection process consisted of a written test, a
technical interview and an HR interview.

Written Test was of 4 sections consisting of 55
questions in 1 hr (Test was coducted by meri-trac). No
negative marking.

Virtusa Paper May 2006

I attended the virtusa test on may 17 2006,in St Francis college,Hyderabad. The test was for two and a half hours. It contained 5 sections.

It was organized by Metric Trac. Be prepared for the long test. It might be exhausting.

IBM Paper June 22, 2006

IBM came here at Hyderabad on 22th June 06.


Selection process consisted of a written test, a technical interview and an HR interview.

Written Test was of 4 sections consisting of 55 questions in 1 hr.
No negative marking.

Tech Mahindra Paper June 2006

This was our 4th day of Joint Campus With other two Colleges like
Cummins Women's College, & All the flavours of Sinhagad Institutes

All three colleges were from Pune Only.

Today we had MBT i.e. Tech Mahindra.

It was at Cummins College.

The Criteria was (Aggregate)
       For Regular Students = 58% considering their marks upto 5th
       For Diploma Holders  = 58% considering their Diploma Third
Year marks as first year marks of Engg. & the Semester no. 3, 4, 5.

CTS Interview Experience

CTS Written test pattern is changed,70 Q,70 mins,
questions will b from apti,critical reasoning,paragraph reading,correcting the sentence,for english barrons is enough,for apti r.s.agarval is enough.
In interview he askd only the hr qustions,no tech q's,it depends upon the
2.Y u chose ME(VLSI).
3.Y shd i hire u.
4.What type of person r u.
5.How u resolve the conflicts.
6.Make me friend.
7.r u a gud team player,exp with eg.