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Visual Basic (VB) is a 3G event-driven programming language from Microsoft for its COM programming model. A programmer can put together an application provided by the Visual Basi itself. This program is used to develop both GUI and complex applications. Microsoft developed derivatives of Visual Basic for scripting. It is basically derived from BASIC and later replaced with .Net platform.

.Net is a object-oriented computer language. This supports the .Net compact Framework and a better VB upgrade wizard. .Net has been changed from VB which is object-based programming language to a object-oriented language backed by .Net framework.

Interview questions and tutorials in VB, VB .Net and other microsoft technologies. 

Visual Basic .NET Tutorial

Visual Basic .Net Tutorial

.Net Architecture

DotNet Architecture

Visual Basic 6.0 Tutorial

Visual Basic 6.0 Tutorial

Programming in VC++ using MS Visual Studio 6.0

Programming in VC++ using MS Visual Studio 6.0

.NET and COM Inteview Questions and Answers

Describe the advantages of writing a managed code application instead of unmanaged one. What’s involved in certain piece of code being managed?


Visual Basic Interview Questions